Hair Treatment

Dr. Benar

What is this new treatment?

Alopecia, or hair loss, is often a gradual process which starts with thinning of the hair. There is a new solution that is G-cell (Regenera Activa) one of the latest  FDA approved procedure backed by years of research that uses your own scalp tissue. 

Hair Treatment

Why Choose
Dr Benar?

Dr Benar can meet with you to determine if this modern, non-surgical procedure will achieve the results you envision. You can be completely confident in his skills in aesthetic medicine. He focuses his practice strictly upon face treatments, and aesthetic advancements are his life’s work. He has the knowledge, skills, and experience that makes all the difference in a beautiful outcome.

The administration of injectable drug is a delicate procedure that requires experience, a steady hand, top-notch training, and expert placement. Dr Benar is a consultant dermatologist who performs this procedure on patients from all over the world. This ensures the best results possible and helps you achieve the aesthetic goals you’ve set.

Patients are empowered with aesthetic confidence from customized treatments that boost your self-esteem and enrich all aspects of your life.To find out more, contact Dr Benar for a private consultation at his practice today.


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